Established in 2010, Mountains Trade & Development Bank (MTDB) is a leading commercial bank in South Sudan that has made its mark in the banking industry, with a solid and growing base of loyal customers and clients, locally and internationally. MTD Bank has, and continues to be a favored option for many small and medium enterprises, larger companies and educational institutions. The bank’s wide footprint of 3 branches nationwide and 5 proposed branch across different location* as translated into growing our client base, getting our services closer to the people and maintaining our goal of improving our product and service suite to match the needs of our customers.

At MTD BANK, we understand the challenges and complexities faced by businesses in managing cash flows requirement. With our unique working capital plans, we help our customer to connect cash flow mismatches and maximize the business potential.

At MTD BANK, we understand the financial needs of the client’s business during their growth journey. To help the  grow and expand, we provide funding through term loans for capacity expansion, purchase of commercial assets, etc.

MTD Bank has come up with its FCY Solutions and assures as one of the competitive players in the South Sudan Banking industry. Through our correspondent banking relationships, MTD BANK provides FCY Loans for your Working Capital, Trade Finance and other financial needs.

A Cash Credit (CC) is a short-term source of financing for a company. In other words, a cash credit is a short-term loan extended to a company by a bank. It enables a company to withdraw money from a bank account without keeping a credit balance. The account is limited to only borrowing up to the borrowing limit. Also, interest is charged on the amount borrowed and not the borrowing limit.

Letters Of Credit Issuance

A letter of credit represents an unconditional undertaking by the Issuing Bank to pay/accept to pay to the beneficiary on fulfillment of stipulated documentary conditions. MTD BANK offers import letters of credit (LC) and are issued for procurement/import of raw materials as well as capital goods.

Bank Guarantees

The Bank Guarantee is an instrument which business partners use to strengthen and/or secure an obligation in their underlying contract. By issuing the Guarantee, the Bank offers a security to the Beneficiary, that is separate from the Principal's ability or will to fulfill his part of the contract. A Bank guarantee provides substantial comfort to the beneficiary for establishing contracts with suppliers and contractors.

Standby LCs

While Letters of Credit are usually issued to ensure payment for performance under a supply contract, Standby LCs (SBLCs) protect against non-performance or non-happening of a particular event. These could be issued to protect the supplier against non-payment by the buyer under payment terms agreed against open account trading or Documents against Acceptance.

Export Collection Bills

Routing your bills through MTD BANK ensures hassle free collection of export proceeds through our correspondent network. Export documents are sent by Banks on collection basis to the overseas branches/correspondents or importer Banks, and funds are credited to exporters’ account on realization.

Inward Remittances

The MTD  BANK network makes it effortless and simple to transfer funds from anywhere in the world, instantly. Manage your foreign exchange flows efficiently, with our attractive rates and faster turnaround times. Just use the routing codes given below in the Nostro table for all your inward remittances.

As an importer/exporter you have the option to open an US$ Account with us to manage your foreign exchange flows as per your business requirements. You can also utilize the balance in your US$ Accounts for making import payments and other current / capital account transactions permissible under Act.