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Current bank account is opened by businessmen who have a higher number of regular transactions with the bank. It includes deposits, withdrawals, and contra transactions. It is also known as Demand Deposit Account. Current account has no limits on the maximum number of transactions which one can carry out. This is primarily because Current accounts serve the purpose of carrying out frequent transactions. Read All


The account provides solutions for collecting donations and making payments to vendors.

Provides Donation collection facilities through  Corresponding Bank to CBO, INGO,CSO, TNGO(Transnational) ,PVDO (Private voluntary development organization)  Read All


Our Solutions for Educational Institutions (SEI) suite is a comprehensive proposition targeted at private educational institutions nationwide. The proposition looks to take care of the needs of the school as a business and that of the stakeholders comprising of the parents, staff, students and proprietors of the school  Read All


A Savings Account has been designed to encourage and promote savings. deal choice for any individual who earns a steady or regular income like salaried employees. This type of account is also ideal for those who have any short term financial goals to meet like a future vacation, financing a wedding, buying a car etc. Banks offering the facility of a Savings account do usually put a limit on the maximum number of transactions which a holder can carry out in a month. The permissible limit without attracting any charge is usually anywhere between 3 to 5 transactions per month (financial and non-financial).  Read All